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The mission of Stats Assistance is to educate as we serve our clients. We understand that not everyone understands the ins and outs of statistics. We want to make stats as un-intimidating as possible. We work with our clients to understand every analysis we provide them.

The president of Stats Assistance, Don Easton-Brooks, has a Ph.D. in Educational Leadership and Innovation with an emphasis in Educational Research and Multicultural Studies. While his Ph.D. is in education, his background in social science, behavioral science, and diverse population leans for a very multi-dimensional approach to stats analysis. This means that Stats Assistance looks at various angles of every analysis, so to provide you, the client, with the best possible approach to analyzing your data. Dr. Easton-Brooks has also published in academic journals, serves as an editor of an academic journal, and is a reviewer for academic journals. Based on his research. He has been interviewed and cited by various media outlets. As well, he has worked as a stats consultant with various universities, health care agencies, and businesses.

Stats Assistance provide various levels of statistical analysis, data management, and statistical consultant to businesses, organizations, government agencies, and graduate students working on thesis or dissertations.

Current Clients

  • Relicheck

    Relicheck is the only online survey site to provide clients with a users real time reliability analysis on their survey and survey questions.

    Stats Assistance developed the reliability analysis used by Relicheck Online Survey Software.
  • Hire and Retain Good People

    Hire and Retain Good People is cloud-based talent management. Easily create and monitor talent sourcing campaigns. Auto-track applicant activities; centralize related notes and files. Use assessments to determine strengths and challenges with candidates and employees. Set and monitor goals, document progress, and centralize employee notes and files.

    Stats Assistance analyzied the data used in the assessments used by HRGP. Stats Assistance also developed the standardized scoring system used in the HRGP assessments.
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