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Stats Assistance staff can help non-profit, for-profit, and other organizations and businesses with creating data sets; analyzing data, manipulating data, and writing statistical based reports.

Businesses and organizations statistical various needs. Many businesses stats needs are to understand data related to marketing, sales, and performance. On the other hand, non-profit organizations can stem from grant proposals, understanding clients, to program improvements. In either case, some businesses and organizations may find it cost effect to hire consultants to aide in their stats needs. Stats Assistance can help your business or organization in both data management and statistical analysis. Below are areas in which Stats Assistance can help.

  • Excel, SPSS, and flat-text data files development
  • Statistical and data file consulting
  • Dependent and independent variables development
  • Survey development
  • Statsical Analysis
  • Interpretation of findings
  • Presentation of results in tables and graphs
Stat Assistance staff have experience with various types of data management and data manipulation. We can wither manage your data or consult you as to develop your data system. Click here for more information data help

At Stats Assistance, we provide various levels statistical analysis and statistical consultant to your business or organization. Click here for more information analysis
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