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Stats Assistance staff can help graduate students with developing research questions; indentifying independent/dependent variables; assisting in writing the methodology, results, and discussion sections of the dissertation; manipulating data, and analyzing data.

The start of any good research study is sound research questions designed to measure the relationship between independent and dependent variables(s). For many graduate students, this can be one of the most difficult parts of a thesis or dissertation. What makes this process difficult is that before you started this process more of the academic work you have not included developing a methodology. This is where Stats Assistance can help. We can help you develop sound research questions designed to effective measure the relationships between independent and dependent variables. We can also help with develop and write your methodology, results, and discussion section. We understand that each graduate student is at various levels of knowledge and skills. Therefore, we provide a varity of services designed to meet you are your knowledge and skill level. Below are areas in which Stats Assistances can help.

  • Excel, SPSS, and flat-text data files development
  • Statistical and data file consulting
  • Dependent and independent variables development
  • Survey development
  • Research question development
  • Methodology development
  • Interpretation of findings
  • Presentation of results in tables and graphs
  • APA formatting of methodology, results, and discussion
Stat Assistance staff have experience with various types of data management and data manipulation. We can wither manage your data or consult you as to develop your data system. Click here for more information data help

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