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Stats Assistance provide various levels statistical analysis, data management, and statistical consultant to businesses, organizations, government agencies, and graduate students working on thesis or dissertations.


The experience backing the statistical approach of Stats Assistance is centered on behavioral outcomes. Our staff members have used these skills to help business using customer behaviors, market trends, and product viability. We can also help business develop validity and reliable online surveys, and assistance to create and maintaining data need to predict further business.


Stat Assistance can help doctoral students work through the complexity of developing research questions, methodology, and interpreting results. We can also run various analyses and help students develop a manageable data file. Our staff members have work on dissertation committees, editorial boards of peer-reviewed journals, and reviewers for peer-reviewed journals and academic organizations. So, we provide you quality educational research solutions.


Stats Assistance can help meet the needs of schools and school districts in assessing the effects of curriculum, interventions, and programs on the academic outcomes on student, classroom, and school levels. We can help in develop Value Adding Modeling approaches to understand the quality of instruction presented to students. We can also help in assessing to growth of students to meet standards beyond that required by NCLB.


Stat Assistance staff members have over three years of community healthcare research experiences. We can help healthcare organization develop clinic trials, develop and manage data, and develop quality control using program data. We can also we healthcare organizations analyze data, develop program evaluation outcome measures, and develop comprehensive reports.


Stats Assistance staff members have worked on various projects with social services and non-profit organizations. These experiences centered on grant partnerships. The staff at Stat Assistance can assist in developing the measurement and evaluation sections of a grant proposal. In additional, we can help organizations develop and maintain effective data collection systems, analyze data, and help develop data driven reports that are attractive to funding sources and policymakers.

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