Stats Assistance

For those interested statiscal analysis, our staff members are experienced in:

  • Simple imputation of missing data
  • Computing new variables
  • Recoding variables
  • Selecting subsets of data for further analysis
  • Reordering the data
  • Merging files
  • Creating date files from secondary data systems

For those in need of statistical assistances, our staff members are experienced in a variety of statistical technique for simple to complex analysis.

  • Basic Analysis:
    • Descriptive Analysis
    • Crosstbulation Analysis
    • Chi-Square Tests
    • Bivariate Correlations
    • T-test
    • Simple Correlation
  • Advance Analysis
    • One-way ANOVA
    • Two-way and three-way ANOVA
    • Curvilinear Regression
    • Multiple Regression Analysis
    • Repeated Measures – ANOVA
    • Reliability and Validity Analysis
  • Complex Level Analysis
    • Path Analysis
    • Confirmatory and Exploratory Factor Analysis
    • Multiple Regression Analysis
    • Structure Equation Modeling
    • Hierarchical Linear Modeling
    • Logistic Regression
    • Growth Modeling
    • Multi-level Analysis
    • Mixture Modeling
    • Latent Class Modeling
    • Latent Transition Modeling

Data Imputation of Missing Values Various statistical analyses request different statistical analysis programs. Our staff members have the following statistical software experience:

  • SPSS
  • HLM
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